Plan of the Ages:THE COMING

   One year before Jesus is born, an old rabbi is teaching in his school in the small village of Aramethea in Israel. One of the boys by the name of Joseph is dressed in a green robe with a golden sash belt. The students are asking questions about who the Messiah will be and when will He come, etc. The rabbi in his wisdom goes to the scroll rack and pulls out scrolls of Isaiah and Micah as he answers the students questions concerning their Messiah. He admits he doesn't understand how a child could be born who's title was The Almighty God, The Everlasting Father - or how he could come from time everlasting and be born in the village of Bethlehem, all he knows is that these prophecies are God's Word and will be fulfilled. He reads from the prophets which establish the deity of the Messiah, Isaiah 6:9, Bethlehem as His birthplace and that He comes from time everlasting (Micah 5:2).

   After the school is dismissed, Mary appears at the podium and introduces herself and is delighted after 2,000 years to be able to tell her own story to us from her own point of view. As she tells her story, she can be a moving exhorter and encourager using the scriptures yet she reveals a witty dry sense of humor from time to time. Her story reveals the fulfillments of the prophets of the Old Testament as taught by the old rabbi. Thus validating the scriptures as the Word of God. The presentation doesn’t end until Mary and Joseph miss Jesus on their way home from Jerusalem and return to find Him amazing the scholars with His knowledge of the Word. Mary ends the program by saying, “….. and little did they know, He was the very author of it.”